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IAF's radionuclide laboratory

IAF prides itself with an impressive equipment park that enables us to process large numbers of samples within a short turnaround time our clients can rely on. Apart from sample preparation and radiochemical laboratory equipment, we operate the following devices:

  • 16 HPGe n-type gamma spectrometers (ultra-low level) suitable for measurements in an energy range from 10 keV including in-situ gamma spectrometer
  • 10 channel low-level alpha-beta counter
  • 37 alpha spectrometers
  • 4 ultra-low level liquid scintillation (LSC) spectrometers (TriCarb, Quantulus)
  • Monitors for Tritium (H-3), Krypton (Kr-85) and other gases.

Our laboratory has a licenced activity of 100 times the exemption levels. However, we can pre-process samples with higher activity in a facility nearby licenced up to 1E7 times the exemption levels and take the aliquots to our lab for analysis.