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Radionuclide laboratory services

In our ISO 17025:2018 accredited laboratory we determine radionuclides in nearly all matrices, including the following:

  • Biogenic carbon in secondary feed materials, bio-plastics, bio-fuels etc. - EN15440 (solid fuels), ISO 16640 (bio-based products), EN 13833 (CO2 emissions from biomass)
  • Determination of the activity index of building materials (Annex VIII of the EU Basic Safety Standards 2013/59/Euratom) and in raw materials and aggregates - DIN CEN/TS 17216, DIN SPEC 18208
  • Naturally occurring radionuclides in raw materials, products and residues (NORM) using gamma and alpha spectrometry
  • Radioactivity in drinking water, mineral water, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Determination of tritium (H-3) by liquid scintillation counting (LSC) according to ISO 9698, including electrolytic concentration for lower detection limits (0,2 TU) for hydrogeological research
  • Direct determination of radon (Rn-222) using gamma spectrometry - ISO 13164-2
  • Determination of gross alpha and beta activity using low level counting or LSC -ISO 10704, ISO 11704
  • Faeces and bio-samples
  • Analytik im Rahmen der Überwachung und des Rückbaus kerntechnischer Anlagen
  • Agricultural, vegetable and animal products
  • Mineral, animal and vegetable oils, oily liquids
  • Production effluents, produced water from oil & gas production and geothermal energy, high-salinity water
  • Forensic analytics, e.g., for the identification of contamination sources, proof of product origin.

The table shows some of the nuclides most frequently determined in our laboratory.

Uranium (U-238, U-234, U-235, ...) Cobalt (Co-60)
Thorium (Th-232, Th-230, Th-228, ...) Niobium (Nb-93m, 94)
Radium (Ra-226, Ra-228, Ra-224, ...) Ruthenium (Ru-103, Ru-106)
Radon (Rn-222, Rn-220, ...) Cerium (Ce-141, Ce-144)
Lead (Pb-210), Polonium (Po-210) Cesium (Cs-137, Cs-134, ...)
Actinium, Protactinium (z. B. Ac-227, Pa-231) Technetium (Tc-99, Tc-99m)
Potassium (K-40) Iodine (I-131, I-129, ...)
Tritium (H-3), Kohlenstoff (C-14) Strontium (Sr-89, Sr-90)
Phosphorus (P-32) Antimon (Sb-125, Sb-126, ...)
Sulfur (S-35) Americium (z.B. Am-241)
Chlorine (Cl-36) Plutonium (Pu-238, Pu-239, Pu-240, Pu-241)
Calcium (Ca-41) Europium (Eu-152, Eu-154, Eu-155)
Iron (Fe-55) Neptunium (Np-237)
Nickel (Ni-59, Ni-63) Curium (Cm-242, Cm-243, Cm-244)

Our flexible accreditation allows us to develop and use new methods for other nuclides. Please contact us for further information.